Oris Watches With Thai Numerals

“Check out what I found in a mall in Bangkok. Being a watch-lover living in Thailand, for me it’s pretty cool.”

That’s how I began an article that turned into a rant about non-western numerals on watch dials.

This one is actually about the Oris watches with Thai numbers.

Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Thailand Edition

Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Thailand Edition

I asked a friend here about how Thai numerals on a watch might look to a Thai person, and she said she didn’t know about other people, but it made her think of black magic. So there you go.

Partly what I like about this watch is that the design fits well with the Thai numbers without being gimmicky. It kind of seems to reference a certain Thai aesthetic and perhaps would not look out of place among the Buddhist trinkets sold outside of temples and castles. But as you can see here, it is just the Thai version of a watch with Arabic numerals that has no relation to Thailand.


To bolster this watch’s cred, it is not Oris’ first watch for Thailand. I’m not sure if Oris has a special connection with Thailand, or if they regularly do this for other markets too. If they do I haven’t been able to find any examples. What’s clear is that they have made several limited editions for Thailand, and that, to me at least, is interesting.


Seiko and Orient have done some Thailand limited editions too, but it’s nice to see a Swiss brand doing it.

I want one. I want it as any beautiful, Swiss, high quality, Oris watch deserves to be wanted, but also as an expat watch collector trying to learn about Thailand and Thai language. But they currently will run you about US$2K, so they’ll probably be out of production before I’m ever able to afford it.


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