Welcome to wristwatchings

Lets get started with my current/young/meager/beloved collection (at least the ones I actually regularly wear). Just iPhone pics for now. More pics, info, and watch doggerel coming soon!

Hamilton Intra-Matic ETA 2892-2 Scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Skeleton case back. Case diameter: 38 mm. Case thickness: 12 mm – High-value, classic, and classy


Tag Heuer Carrera Twin-Time Automatic – Case diameter: 39 mm. Case thickness: 12 mm, GMT, sapphire front and back – My first real watch and long-time quality standard

G-Shock G5600-E - Tough Solar, 20bar #classic #unpretentious #casual #nostalgic #young #sporty #nuffsaid

G-Shock G5600-E – Tough Solar, 20bar #classic #unpretentious #casual #nostalgic #young #sporty #nuffsaid

Sea-Gull - Chinese; steel; sapphire

Sea-Gull – Chinese; steel; sapphire, 37mm (I think)


3 thoughts on “Welcome to wristwatchings

  1. I noticed you have a seagull watch, I am very curious for your opinion of the brand overall and the ownership experience you have had.

    I would love to try one on and get a feel for it but I could not find a store in the US that sells them.

    Having done some research on the company it seems to be that they are the only company in the world who offers watches with their own automatic movements at this price point (time only watches for $159 and watches with mid level complications for $400-$700) and the only criticism I could find from all the 3rd party reviewers is that the movements have a cruder finish, and also that Chinese watches are not innovative.

    While those criticisms may be on the mark, they don’t tarnish my theoretical view of the brand (not withstanding my lack of experience with the actual watches)

    I was curious for your take, also where did you purchase yours, online? in a store? if so which country?

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